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Case Studies

Details for Field Project #2


Eastern Wyoming
Treatment: Bio Enhanced Surfactant

Volume of soil:

2750 yd3

Contamination type(s):

Gasoline and diesel fuel

Average level of contamination:

3800 PPM diesel; 60 PPM gasoline

Peak levels of contamination:

Unknown, but some sections saturated with contaminant liquid/free product gasoline

Elapsed time for project:

Nineteen days (majority of soil was pre-screened to remove an extensive concentration of debris, including large chunks of concrete and asphalt)

Elapsed time after completion prior to collecting confirmation samples:

Twenty-three days

Number of confirmation samples collected:

60 samples collected, 30 for testing for diesel and 30 for testing for gasoline and BTEX

Results from confirmation testing:

<10 ppm Non-detect for diesel fuel, gasoline and BTEX for all samples.
Sensitivity: 10ppm

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