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Current Project Opportunities

Earthworks and now CleanSoil Technologies, will continue on a limited basis to treat soil under contract while engaging in joint efforts with our new METS licensees on their projects.  This not only serves to broaden product knowledge and exposure, but provides an excellent training platform as well.  It will remain our primary however to focus on product development, manufacture and licensee support of the Matrix Enhanced Treatment System. We have several other licensee projects not listed here in final stages of RAP presentation and acceptence from Romania and Nigeria to Guam, USA...

Current Project #1:

 Location/Year:    Mexico City, Mexico 2021         Treatment: Bio Remediation w/bio surfactant
 Volume of soil:    40,000 yd3
 Contamination type(s):     Petroleum hydrocarbons
 Average level of contamination:    100 - 50,000 PPM
 PRG site goal:    < 200 PPM

     Details for this project can be seen HERE.


Current Project #2:

 Location/Year:    Santa Barbara/2021            Treatment: Bio Remediation w/Oxidation polishing
 Volume of soil:    8,250 yd3
 Contamination type(s):    PCB's
 Average level of contamination:    0 - 1,700 PPM
 PRG site goal:    <100.0 PPb

     Details for this project can be seen HERE.


Current Project #3:

 Location/Year:    Wood Treatment Site                         Treatment: Bioremediation
 Volume of soil:    12.5k yd3
 Contamination type(s):    Pentachloraphenol
 Average level of contamination:    1 - 50,000 PPM
 PRG site goal:    <1.0 PPM

     Details for this project can be seen HERE.


Current Project #4:

 Location/Year:    South Carolina/2021                  Treatment: Bio Remediation, metals fixation
 Volume of soil:    10k yd3
 Contamination type(s):    BTEX, Diesel Fuel, O & G, asbestos, mixed metals
 Average level of contamination:    1 - 72,500 PPM
 PRG site goal:   various dependent upon contaminant

     Details for this project can be seen HERE.

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