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    Have Clients with Environmentally Contaminated Soil?

Have clients with environmentally contaminated soil? Partner with EarthWorks Environmental today!
  • You will never have to recommend land-filling or capping again!
  • You can stop recommending "solutions" that do nothing to relieve your clients of the threat of long-term liability!
  • You can get off the endless "technology evaluation" merry-go-round!

Whether you are an environmental consultant, engineer or attorney, we are here to make your life a lot easier. By partnering with EarthWorks Environmental, you can provide your client with an affordable, reliable solution for contaminated soil.

The Matrix Enhanced Treatment System™ more than meets the challenge of how to treat excavated soil so that it can be safely returned to the ground or productively used elsewhere. METS is fast. METS is cost-effective. METS is able to relieve your client of both immediate and contingent liability for that contaminated soil.

We have successfully treated contamination in a wide variety of soil compositions and conditions. No soil type -- not even heavy, wet clay or hardpan -- can defeat the METS process. If there is a soluble chemical or biological treatment formulation for a contaminant, the METS process is the most efficient and effective way to apply that formulation in soil. We can even treat multiple contaminants in one pass through the system.

Our processing equipment is fully mobile and setup is a matter of hours, not days. Actually cleaning the soil may be the quickest phase of an entire remediation or real estate development project.

Want to know about cost? Once we have the necessary site data, characterization test results and cleanup standards, we give you a fixed price per unit (cubic yards or tons) of soil to be remediated. No open-ended bids. No unpredictable contingencies. The only variable is the amount of soil actually remediated.

Bringing an EarthWorks licensee onto your project team is a win-win for everyone -- including the environment. And that is a very good thing!

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