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METS is a major breakthrough in the science of remediating contaminated soils. METS was designed and developed by EarthWorks Environmental, Inc., after extensive research and testing of other remediation technologies. Most of these predecessor technologies have significant limitations or deficiencies. METS overcomes these limitations and deficiencies to a degree no other commercially available remediation system can match. Nevertheless, METS is comparatively simple in design and application, and is based entirely on proven treatment products and processing components.

Size and mobility: The METS remediation process equipment is approximately the size of a large SUV. It is completely mobile and self-propelled. Setup can be accomplished in a few hours. Working space need only be large enough to accommodate the treatment apparatus, a loader and a place to deposit the treated soil. METS can be employed cost-effectively on projects of all sizes, even in dense, urbanized areas.

Processing capacity: The lines of EarthWorks-manufactured remediation process equipment includes four configurations rate to treat from 40 to 320 tons of soil per hour. No project is too big to be tackled with the METS process. The equipment is so efficient that the only constraint you need to consider is the number and size and loaders required to keep up.

Method of treatment: METS is designed to work with any soluble decontamination reagent or microbial culture that has been suitably prepared and mixed according to our proprietary methods. This flexibility means we can select (working with the property owner and the regulatory agency involved) the most effective and suitable treatment agent for each specific contamination problem, taking into account soil type, soil condition, soil temperature, etc. This flexibility makes it possible for us to guarantee our work.

Treatment results: In the METS process, the contaminants are either destroyed or rendered environmentally inert (by chemical bonding or degradation). Even better, the method by which the reagents are introduced to the contamination produces results more quickly than other methods. In particular, biological treatment is capable of producing desired results in days, not months.

Environmental impact: The METS produces no negative environmental byproducts, no excess heat (there is no thermal process involved), and no hazardous materials or toxic sludge to haul away from the treatment site. The reagent solutions we use do not pose any threat to the environment; they are totally biodegradable. The engine operating the METS equipment produces no more noise or exhaust gases than would a moderate-sized gasoline generator.

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