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Have a soil contamination problem?
  • Have environmentally contaminated soil on your property?
  • Don't know what to do next?
  • Afraid of what it may cost you?
  • Not sure who you can trust to solve the problem?

Don't worry. The answer is simpler than you realize. We are specialists at developing effective, affordable technologies for cleaning up contaminated soil. Our revolutionary new system for environmental remediation -- the Matrix Enhanced Treatment System™ (METS) -- is the most versatile and reliable remediation method available anywhere.  For a cost estimate of your contamination problem, click HERE.

Our system is reliable and effective. We don't haul off the contaminated soil to a landfill, or try to bury it on your site. Those are yesterday's "solutions." Instead, we harness proven soils processing tools with advanced chemical and biological remediation technology, to reliably treat and neutralize the contamination itself -- without destroying the usability of the soil. No need for you to pay twice: once to haul contaminated soils off your site, and then to haul clean soil back in.

Our system is versatile. Our system will treat virtually any type of contamination problem, in any type of soil condition. Give us your problem. We'll take care of it.

Our system works on your site. Set up takes minutes, not hours or days. Processing is fast -- faster than any other proven decontamination system in widespread commercial use today.

Our system is affordable. Our system costs much less to use than any of the traditional methods for remediating a contaminated site. And the results are guaranteed!

Our system works for you. Our system is designed to help you obtain real relief from actual and contingent liability for your contaminated soil. You not only help the environment; you help yourself.

No other company in the world is currently offering you a solution that works so well, on such a wide range of contamination problems, at such an affordable price.

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