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Afraid you may pay too much to solve your environmental contamination problem?

Afraid you may pay too much, and your environmental contamination problem is still there?

Afraid you may pay too much, and then wait years to find out if your environmental contamination problem is solved -- or maybe still there?

Considering the history of soil remediation technologies, and associated project cost overruns, those are very understandable fears. EarthWorks Environmental and our METS Licensees are dedicated to taking the worry and uncertainty out of decisions to clean contaminated soil. If you have a contamination problem, here is what you should do:

1. Find out what other "solutions" really cost.

Don't be misled by remediation proposals that tell you only half of the story. Even if the soil is already excavated, the cost of hauling contaminated soil to a licensed landfill is very expensive. Check it out for yourself.  Do cost estimates include:

  • A guaranteed rate for loading, hauling and dumping contaminated soil at the appropriate landfill (Class I, II or III)? 
  • Purchasing and delivering clean backfill to replace what was hauled away? 
  • All site labor, materials and project costs ? 
  • Project management, project work plans, and completion reports for government regulators?

2. Find out how long it will take to get the results you want.

It's not unusual to be told that it will take many months -- maybe even several years -- for other remediation technologies to knock the contamination down to acceptable levels. Even if the project cost is acceptable (and it probably isn't) that means your property may be tied up for months or years. One way or the other, that's costing you money.

Sure, having the contaminated soil hauled off to a landfill can be done pretty fast -- assuming you can get the permits and approvals you need. But don't forget: dumping contaminated soil in a landfill does not relieve you of long-term responsibility for that soil!

3. Find out what guarantees you will get.

If you think the cost is high, and the time is takes to get results is too long, wait until you ask about guarantees. Most remediation technologies are too unreliable for guarantees. The most you will get is a commitment for "best efforts." You may even find that hauling the contaminated soil off to a landfill does not come with any guarantees -- especially if the soil contains hazardous materials.

4. Then talk to us. We already know how to solve your problem.

The METS process and our METS Licensees can clean your contaminated property for less than it costs to haul it off and replace it. Probably much less. Not only that, but we will offer you a fixed price per cubic yard of soil. The only variable is the actual amount of soil we process. For that set rate, you get:

  • Mobilization and setup of our remediation equipment at your site.
  • All on-site remediation processing and labor costs.
  • All remediation treatment supplies
  • Pre- and post-treatment samples and laboratory testing
  • Remediation Work Plan and Completion Report
  • All Remediation Project Management
  • Guaranteed results
  • Peace of mind for you

That's it! Project done. Problem solved.

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