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2021 METS Remediation Process Equipment

The current line of EarthWorks-manufactured remediation systems (for specification comparison click here) includes four configurations, ranging in processing capacity from 40 to 320 tons of soil per hour. Standard pricing* will be provided after specific project/business spec review.

Our 3 basic configurations are based on a similar structural platform, which has been specifically designed for easy transport by trailer or for loading into a standard 20 foot shipping container for long distance deployment. In addition, all configurations are powered by Perkins diesel-powered engines, which provide power for the soil processing mill -- where steady, reliable power is key to thorough treatment of embedded contamination.

All configurations include self-propelled, radio remote-controlled movement (i.e., forward/reverse) and steering. In addition, certain configurations include (standard or extra-cost option) an operator station near one end of the hopper for optimal control and supervision of system operation.

Our 3 basic machines use a 4-wheel configuration for enhanced maneuverability. Our largest capacity machine come with dual loading stations, perfect for those large projects that require greater maneuverability.

Larger capacity machines come equipped standard with a larger hopper opening, in order to accommodate use of big capacity front-end loaders. All configurations come with a speed-adjustable main conveyor system for transporting contaminated soil from the hopper to the soil processing mill. In the our largest capacity machines, speed adjustment can be performed from the operator control station without having to stop operations.

Except for the Eureka, all configurations come either standard or optional with a second conveyor for attachment beneath the soil processing mill. This conveyor makes it possible to deposit remediated soil in stacks up to eight feet high (six feet for the Coloma). The Empire comes with two conveyors that are equipped for radial movement, making it possible to build remediated soil stacks to the side as well as to the rear of the processing mill.

The soil processing mill in all configurations comes equipped (standard or extra-cost option) with a Star Wheel bar in addition to the main processing wheel. This design allows the processing mill to operate efficiently in even the most difficult soil conditions and compositions. In the larger capacity machines, this Star Wheel comes equipped (standard or extra-cost option) with its own hydraulic drive system to further boost operating efficiency.

All configurations include multiple remediation fluid injection systems (either dual or triple). This makes it possible to inject more than one remediation treatment formulation (chemical or microbial) into the soil at the same time, or to provide a higher proportional volume of a single formulation, as required for a given contaminant situation.

Finally, the larger capacity configurations come with an optional "built-in" system for measuring the weight of soil being processed. This makes it possible to accurately track throughput and processing totals by weight rather than, or in addition to, standard volume measurements.



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