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The Matrix Enhanced Treatment System (METS) is a major breakthrough in the practical science of remediating contaminated soils. METS was designed and developed by EarthWorks Environmental, Inc., after extensive research into other advanced and alternative remediation technologies. Most of these predecessor technologies have significant limitations, making them too costly to operate and often unreliable when confronted with extensive contamination and/or diverse soil conditions.

METS overcomes these drawbacks to a degree no other commercially available remediation system can match. Moreover, METS is simple in design and application. It is based entirely on proven contamination treatment products and soil processing designs. METS is capable of treating virtually any type and combination of contaminant, including heavy metals, in virtually any post-excavation soil matrix.

EarthWorks is now seeking businesses who may be interested in becoming User Licensees of the METS technology. Only a User Licensee is authorized to use the METS system to treat contaminated soils. However, any business that already possesses the basic skills and experience to handle medium-to-heavy duty equipment in the environmental, earthmoving, soil hauling or demolition industries can be trained to use METS. User Licensees may employ METS cost-effectively on contaminated property they own, or profitably as contractors remediating soil for others, or both.

Why METS Can Work for You

METS is a complete user-friendly system. You don't need a Ph.D. to remediate contaminated soil using METS. Other remediation technologies require users to have a relatively sophisticated knowledge of environmental, chemical or biological science to achieve useful results. Or they require users to have expertise in one or more engineering disciplines merely to deploy the equipment at a remediation site. In contrast, METS was designed from its inception with the goal of making it simple to deploy, safe to operate, and reliable in performance. The METS system incorporates every step in the process, from testing the soil before treatment to testing the soil after treatment. Everything has been standardized to eliminate guesswork.

METS works at the molecular level to decontaminate soil. You can have complete confidence that, when properly used, METS will perform reliably every time. METS is designed to work with a wide variety of soluble decontamination formulas or microorganism-based treatment products, available from EarthWorks or from authorized suppliers, which are proven to degrade or neutralize contaminant molecules. This flexibility makes it possible to select the most effective and suitable treatment methods for each specific contamination problem, taking into account soil type, soil conditions, soil pH, and so forth. This flexibility also makes it possible for the User Licensee to guarantee the performance of the METS system Your guarantee is backed by EarthWorks' exclusive database of information on available treatment products and methods, and our is technical assistance available to you on every project.

METS gets results within days, or even hours. No expensive, time consuming site monitoring or repeat testing is required to finish a project. The METS remediation process is based on thoroughly blending safe, decontaminating reagents and/or biological cultures into a suitably prepared soil matrix that includes proper moisture and aeration in a single operation. As a result, the contaminants are either destroyed or rendered environmentally inert as soon as the reagents or microorganisms come into contact with the contaminant molecules. This treatment process, which is proprietary to METS, ensures that the contaminated soil can be remediated to an environmentally safe level in the shortest possible time. Even biological treatment can produce desired results in days, not the months often required by other bioremediation techniques.

METS is environmentally safe. You can be confident that METS is a truly "green" solution to environmental contamination. METS produces no negative environmental byproducts, no excess heat (there is no thermal process involved), and no hazardous materials or toxic sludge to haul away from the treatment site. The treatment products we supply with METS pose no threat to the environment; they are totally biodegradable and/or contain ingredients commonly found in nature. Nor they do not pose a hazard of any type during routine handling and storage.

METS is easily deployed. You can be on the work site and busy remediating soil before lunch break. The METS treatment apparatus is approximately the size of a large SUV. It is completely mobile and self-propelled. Setup can be accomplished in less than a few hours. Working space need only be large enough to accommodate the treatment apparatus, a loader and a place to deposit the treated soil. METS can be employed cost-effectively on projects of all sizes, even in dense, urbanized areas.

METS is very efficient. No project is too big to be tackled with the METS process. The METS treatment apparatus is currently rated to treat up to 100 cubic yards of soil per hour. Treatment equipment currently under design will treat up to 200 cubic yards of soil per hour. The apparatus is so efficient that the only constraint you need to consider is the number and size of loaders required to keep up.

METS is less costly than any other remediation option available to your customers. "Sticker shock" will be someone else's problem, not yours. Prices charged for remediation projects involving other technologies or techniques, (such as disposal in a landfill), can vary widely. As a result, simple price comparisons are not possible. However, our experience in specific cases has been that the cost to customers, to remediate a stock of soil using other methods, is significantly higher than with METS -- sometimes as much as ten times higher -- when all relevant costs are included. Even the cost to haul the contaminated soil for disposal in a landfill is higher, particularly when the cost to replace that soil with clean fill is included along with the cost of loading, trucking and dumping the contaminated soil.

How to Become a User Licensee

Becoming a User Licensee takes only a few steps:

  1. Contact EarthWorks to express your interest.
  2. Complete the simple application form (unless waived by EarthWorks).
  3. Receive and execute our standard User Licensee Agreement.
  4. Purchase one or more of our approved METS remediation units.
  5. Receive your training from EarthWorks.
  6. You are ready to go!
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