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The origins of EarthWorks Environmental, our predecessor, as a company go back to 1995 when  company founder, Jonathan Brewer, began research and development activities focused on the realization that a reliable and cost efficient ex-situ remediation process did not exist.  Further realization was that the primary competitive technology, as is true today, is the unsustainable process of contaminated soil landfilling.

 The Matrix Enhanced Treatment System or “METS”  is the result of those R & D activities which was a “clean sheet” design process and has remained the primary focus of  the company .  METS has proven to be a revolutionary system for remediation of contaminated soils that for the first time brings “better, faster, cheaper” to environmental cleanup.  The concepts underlying METS were discovered in the to mid mid 1990’s as a result of a systematic analysis of the causes behind the general unreliability and widespread failure of most environmental remediation technologies.

 In 1998, EarthWorks employed for the first time a material handling and chemical blending system combination for conceptual application.  While the equipment design and overall project did not meet EarthWorks efficiency projections, the broad concept of EarthWorks hypothesis was substantially proven by ultimately cleaning the soil to non-detect.

 EarthWorks Environmental was incorporated on July 7th, 1998, for the purpose of commercializing the new METS process.  EarthWorks began final development of the METS concept by undertaking several compensated commercial field tests to prove both design and economics.  After successful completion at 3 secure commercial sites, the METS process was able to meet or exceed remedial goals and financial/profit margin goals as well. 

 In 1999 EarthWorks withdrew the METS equipment and process from any potential public domain exposure while completing evaluation of the R & D design project data gathered.  EarthWorks applied for a US Patent of the METS process on behalf of the inventor which was granted on July 23rd, 2002. 

 In 2003, EarthWorks was presented with a viable $10 million dollar buyout offer, which after careful consideration proved not in the best interest of the technology.  In 2005 EarthWorks moved ahead to produce units on a commercial OEM basis at our new facility in Clearwater, Florida .

 EarthWorks and now CleanSoil Technologies has completed design and manufacture of 4 production classes of equipment ranging from METS to our WESTARR platforms and self funded a broad range of additional research activities which  are now substantially complete, to bring the system to where it is today, having the ability to treat over 150 separate contaminants in soil using both bio and chemical reagents.

While CleanSoil is still very much a small company, we took control of and now have METS units working on 4 continents purely from word of mouth recommendation.  It is our goal in 2024 to produce 4 operating units and attain our 5th continent Australia.


 Current Events

Here in 2024, all systems are now in place for the METS process to finally be available as a “turn key” opportunity to qualifying Licensees.  EarthWorks Environmental is providing the equipment, tech licenses, supplies, training and support of the METS technology as a growing business and information collaborative to benefit the METS Licensee base.

It is our goal to have 27 METS Licensees in full operation by the end of 2025.  Our current focus has been overseas with exports to Canada, Peru, South Korea, Northern Ireland, Mexico, etc. where aggressive markets and process requirements are the most demanding.  CleanSoil is currently offering individual METS Licenses on a limited release basis in the continental US.  Our most recent placements have been in California, England and Texas.   We are assisting our Mexico City METS Licensee in the remediation of 40,000 cubic meters of soil at the PeMex 18 de Marzo Refinery site.

Additionally we have shipped a prototype WESTAR unit to Venezuela and a mobile WESTAR unit to an end user in Texas.

At present, our goal is to provide referral projects to our licensees as acceptance of the METS technology becomes more widespread.  EarthWorks will treat soil on a limited basis of varying soil type and contaminant type in efforts to broaden our knowledge and where a METS Licensee is not currently available.  Our business focus has shifted this last decade to full scale product manufacturing and support of the Matrix Enhanced Treatment System and METS Licensees.


 The Short Future

Our growth goals are directly tied to the success of our METS Licensees.  We will continue to fully support Licensee activities as they grow their business and expand opportunities and markets.  While CleanSoil today is a small business, we have been fortunate to leverage and or contract with other firms to complete and supply key elements of our product.  We are not constrained by our own limitations nor manufacturing operation, we will continue to bring the best pricing and products to those we support, the METS Licensee.

The future growth of CleanSoil, as in all businesses, is limited by financial constraints to expansion.  Currently CleanSoil has no long term debt but is possibly in the market for $ 1 million dollars in short term equity financing for market growth. 

Additionally, our more moderate term goal of 3 to 5 years is seeking financing of $3mm to $5mm for technology M&A, International manufacturing expansion and additional patent activities.  CleanSoil Technologies are also willing to investigate participation in the EB-5 Visa Program.


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