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Case Studies

Details for Field Project #3


California North Coast
Treatment: Bio Enhanced Surfactant

Volume of soil:

1915 yd3

Contamination type(s):

Gasoline and MTBE

Average level of contamination:

306 PPM gasoline; 31 PPM MTBE

Peak levels of contamination:

Measured at over 7000 PPM, free product some sections where trapped in plastic

Elapsed time for project:

Fifteen days

Elapsed time after completion prior to collecting confirmation samples:

Twenty days

Number of confirmation samples collected:


Results from confirmation testing:

Non-detect for gasoline in all samples (Sensitivity: 1 ppm).  Non-detect for MTBE in all samples (Sensitivity 100ppb).  Sixteen samples showed varying levels of BTEX (Sensitivity at 100ppb), the highest of which was 280 PPB total Xylenes in one sample.  After two weeks of additional residence time at flag locations retest proved non-detect.

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