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  METS Equipment/Project Estimate

  Not all equipment choices are as straight forward as just picking throughput or single project volumes.  Based on our field experience we can assist you with choosing the best approach to solving your project requirements by considering more than just soil /contaminant volumes.  Please help us satisfy your needs by providing a brief outline of your project or business expectations with the following information;

   What type of remedial projects do you anticipate doing ?

   How many projects do you estimate doing per year ?

   What might be the average volume of soil contaminated?

   Estimate the soil type, soil contaminates, contaminate levels, and project time frames you'll be working with.

  If you can also provide your firm and contact info, we'll get back to you with an estimate or we may have more questions to

 ultimately achieve your goal... 

 Thank you for providing the above requested information to the e-mail address provided below.  We will contact you shortly with the appropriate METS equipment information to satisfy  your remediation project needs.

Email:  Jonathan@EarthWorksusa.com


Dear CleanSoil,
We will be doing small soil projects for our own account in Brownfields reclamation.
We’ll probably do three or four projects per year
Probably 1,000 tons each
Average sandy loams, some sand and possibly demo debris. Mostly TPH with some industrial
solvents like TCE as well. No rush, cost and liability are driving factors...
Joe Jones
ABC Development
123 Anytown Street
Anytown, USA 34695




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