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METS soil remediation equipment yuba 160 METS equipment

   *** US EPA/Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable (FRTR) evaluated technologies ***

CleanSoil Technologies specializes in fast, high throughput Soil Remediation and Soil Recycling Equipment Manufacture, Licensing and Sales.  CleanSoil Technologies are the designers and manufacturers of the patented Matrix Enhanced Treatment System or "METS" process, and now, the Wet Extraction Source Treatment and Resource Recovery "WESTARR" equipment system for drill cuttings and sludge. 

METS soil remediation equipment is the preferred solution for remediation and degradation/destruction of  more than 150 separate contaminants from on site excavated soils, dried drill cuttings and WESTARR for wet drill cuttings. Fast, Reliable, Cost Efficient and Safe.


If you have further questions regarding equipment size, cost or application please call us at (727)479-5176


Newsflash.... We are in the process of revamping our web site !!!     We are in the process of upgrading our web presence and providing a more dynamic environment to dispense information with better graphic support.  We'll be adding a landing page, streamlined information, application estimates and reliable support /submission pages  Please check out the new site and upgrades at our same address when completed.... More coming...

Newsflash.... We are now treating beaches and floating TPH products !!!     With our new partners Nu/Peat Texas we have the capability for broadcast spreading ionic charged absorbant and on water recovery of spilled product.  We treat the beaches too with a less labor intensive higher suucess formula... We offer everything from barged to tracked "fragile" wetlands recovery equipment... Please check out the new site when completed at cleansoiltechnologies.com.... More coming in 2024...

Newsflash .... WESTARR is here !!!       The new Wet Extraction Source Treatment And Resource Recovery "WESTARR" mobile/skid mounted process unit is completed.  We will additionally be wrapping up the patent work on the new "WESTARR", so we'll be able to disclose more information publically.  If you have specific inquiry or specification questions, we can have you complete an NDA to protect the patent

WESTARR adds a whole new phase to development of processing highly contaminated soil (> 100,000 mg/kg +) with a range of capacity (3 tons per hour thru 60 tons per hour) and soil abilities. We can additionally offer oil recycling and recovery from sand, soil and drill cuttings.  This unit is ideal for resource recovery at "blowout" storage pits, tank bottoms and other highly contaminated environments.  Stay tuned as more information and photos become available in 2024...  Contact cleansoiltech@yahoo.com for more information...

Additionally we have developed a "WESTARR" wheeled mobile unit with a production capacity of 60 tons per hour mounted on a 48' Fontaine step deck trailer.

 Newsflash .... "Nugget 10" is (almost) here in 2024 !!!       The "Nugget 10" is a small (10 TPH) system we are developing for our company demo unit as well as for new practioners wanting a smaller plant to enter the market.  We additionally offer this as a system complete with trailer, screen plant and processing unit at a package price.  Great for pilot work, site demos and initial large project development at a fraction of the cost. The "Nugget" will offer the full features of our larger remedial units without sparing capability for size... Contact cleansoiltech@yahoo.com for more information...

*** Contact us about our fly and buy demo program for new orders in 2024 ***

CleanSoil Technologies/EarthWorks manufactures and sells a full line of proven soil processing and contamination treatment equipment that truly cleans contaminated real estate.  As noted above, we'll be completing our "Nugget 10" METS demo unit here in Florida in the next couple of months, so we'll be ready for 2024and our "Fly Buy Program" rebates... Our primary system for environmental remediation - the Matrix Enhanced Treatment System - "METS" is the best choice for any on site soil contamination problem because;

  • METS is fast, reliable and effective on site. We don't haul off or cap the soil - we actually destroy/treat the soil contamination at the molecular level for soil reuse on site in a fraction of of the time of any other type of environmental equipment including thermal or soil washing. We can use either bioremediation, surfactant enhanced bioremediation or oxidative chemistry to completely destroy the contaminant quickly and safely at minimum cost to the PRP or your client.
  • METS saves you money.  Our on site process costs considerably less than "haul off" (typically about 35% to 40% less) and presents even greater savings in both time and dollars from thermal or soil washing.
  • METS is designed to offer property owners permanent relief from actual and contingent liability.  On site contamination and liability is treated and gone now, generating a savings in today's dollars. This avoids the long term effects of "haul off" liability to be dealt with at a later time at higher cost.

"No other company in the world is currently offering a solution for contaminated real estate that works as simply and as inexpensively as METS"....... a Maltese client

 "This will revolutionize the industry... its flexibility from site to site will make projects once thought impossible because of cost to become productive once more...  Simply brilliant...  A METS UK licensee

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*** CleanSoil Technologies employ several different bio and chem technologies in our METS process dependent upon contaminant and applicable site requirements such as bioremediation, oxidation, Fenton's reagent Oxidation, chemical fixation or a multiple combination.  We only offer or suggest our METS Licensee's use methods that have been evaluated and demonstrated by the the US EPA, US FRTR, Florida DEP, North Carolina DNER, Cal EPA or UK Environmental Heritage.  Should you have a question whether the METS process can be used in your jurisdiction, CleanSoil Tech will assist you in getting that answer. ***.

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